Here It Comes

Music by Benny Sings

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Indie Pop Alternative/Indie Rock Contemporary Singer/Songwriter
Dutch singer/songwriter Tim van Berkestijn, aka Benny Sings, has carved out a niche for himself with his evocative, '70s-influenced brand of soft rock, something he further champions on his seventh album, 2021's Music. His second record for the Stones Throw label, Music follows his equally vintage-inspired 2019 album, City Pop. Where City Pop found him drawing inspiration from the '70s and '80s brand of Japanese pop referenced in the album's title, Music is more stylistically broad in tone, touching upon breezy yacht rock ("Sunny Afternoon"), symphonic disco balladry ("Break Away"), and even hip-hop-infused R&B ("Here It Comes"). Helping bring Berkestijn's distinctive sound to life are his bandmates, including vocalist June Fermie, keyboardist Adam Bar-Pereg, bassist Bram Wassink, and drummer Colin Lee. Together, they frame Berkestijn's laid-back vocals in organic, sun-dappled arrangements that just keep drawing you closer. In the past, Benny Sings has collaborated on tracks with artists like Rex Orange County, Cornelius, Mayer Hawthorne, and others. Music continues this collaborative tradition to delightful effect, showcasing guests like British guitarist Tom Misch, who lends some fuzz-tone accents to the Doobie Brothers-ish "Nobody's Fault." Also engaging is the Steely Dan-sounding slow jam "Rolled Up" with Mac DeMarco, and the Todd Rundgren-esque "Run Right Back" featuring Cautious Clay. Berkestijn conjures Bee Gees' Saturday Night Fever-era vibes on "Miracles" with singer Emily King. While '70s and early-'80s pop informs all of Music, there's still something contemporary and deeply sincere in Benny Sings' songs. He's a quirky indie rocker drawing upon his vinyl heroes for inspiration and reassurance. As he sings on the title track, "Music, help me through this, whenever I'm down on the floor." ~ Matt Collar